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Pengertian Dan Fungsi Mouse

Pengertian Dan Fungsi Mouse
Definition mouse and Mouse Function - Definition Mouse is the hardware that is connected to a computer either wire (cable) or wireless (without cable). This device is called a mouse because at that time the device is shaped like a mouse. In addition, the cables connected to the mouse connected to the computer shaped like rats.

And the addition a reference to add to our knowledge, the computer was first sold as a package with a computer mouse is the sliding type Xerox Star in 1981.

Although at this time the hardware mouse has been largely supplanted by the touchpad that takes over all the functions of the mouse can be done by a touchpad, but can not dipungkira computer users still choose the mouse as a driver of the cursor.

Here Be some Mouse Functions:

- Inputting commands to the computer where the workings of the mouse is the way mouse data is shifted on a flat surface.
- Used as a mover pointer to determine the cursor to a specific monitor screen.
- Used for several activities such as: double-click (open file), click and hold the slide, click (select an item), drag drop (move the item) and right click (to show command menu options.
- Used to make scrolling on the screen using the scroll wheel on a mouse there.
- Detecting multiple 2D motion relative to the current position.
- Make our work becomes lighter, easier and faster. especially for us who have activities such as photo editing and others.
- Used to Zoom in and out to see the worksheet.
- Activate the command button and perform a specific execution on application
- Used To perform a command that does not provide a menu shortcut, if the right button on the mouse is clicked 2x serves as the enter key on command execution
- Mouse is also used as the setting and magnification views of an object
- Mouse is also used to carry out the instruction and conversion into electronic signals that can be understood by the computer system

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